We work closely in collaboration with our sister company Albright IP to protect your innovations.


Albright IP offer practical, potent and cost-effective Intellectual Property to help you protect your creative vision, innovation and investment and can advise on all aspects of IP protection and enforcement, including Patents, Registered Designs, Copyright and Trade Marks.


Services range from initial advice, patent and trademark searches to full representation in drafting, filing and prosecuting Patent, Design and Trade Mark Applications around the world.​


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A patent protects new inventions and how they work. If a patent application is granted, it gives the inventor the ability to take legal action to prevent others from reproducing and selling their invention without permission.


Duku are experienced in developing innovative, unique and patentable design solutions that can strengthen your patent application. Working alongside Albright IP allows us to discuss the potential patentability of any new design ideas directly with our patent attorneys from the outset of a project.


If you have a new product idea or invention, our expert attorneys can help you to secure patent rights in almost any country and will be happy to offer patent advice at any stage of the patenting process including costs, timescales and deadlines for all important phases of applying for a patent.


Registering your brand, logo or company name as a trademark strengthens and protects your position in the marketplace. Our experienced trademark attorneys will guide you through the process, providing invaluable advice to give your brand the protection it needs in the UK, Europe and beyond.

A trademark or brand name can be used to protect:

  • A business name

  • A product name

  • A logo for a business or product

  • The name of a service


Our trademark team will be happy to provide initial advice and carry out a free search of the UK Trademark Register for identical trademarks to your proposed brand name.

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