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Duku EV launches revolutionary Reevo EV charger!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Reevo is designed to make electric vehicle charging accessible to everyone.

Duku is a UK-based product design consultancy with a specialism in EV charging infrastructure. Their experienced design team are committed to producing innovative design solutions that exceed expectations.

With this comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the industry, Duku EV was created and has since established itself as one UK’s leading electric vehicle charging consultancies, working on a large number of EV charging projects across the country. The company has now created their very own revolutionary 7kW home charger.


Duku EV discovered during an Innovate UK funded project targeted at tackling accessible charging, that many people struggle to use current EV chargers.

Collaborating with a large number of industry experts throughout their research trials, including the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RIDC), Urban Foresight and Dundee City Council, Duku EV found EV owners either had to take their own cable or haul poorly designed heavy tethered systems to their car. They found this created a serious barrier to the transition to EVs for many people as the chargers were either inaccessible or too difficult to use.

Reevo was created to help solve this problem to become the UK’s first fully accessible charger, designed to be used by everyone and meet the recently released BSI PAS1899 guidelines addressing this issue.


Reevo incorporates a revolutionary patented motorised cable management system that is entirely unique to anything else on the market, allowing users to easily extend and retract up to 7.5 metres of cable.

The invention of Reevo means that EV owners no longer have to lift and carry the charging cable, instead, they can now simply unwind and retract a built-in cable using two plug-mounted buttons that dispense and coil the cable around a central drum using a motor.

The charger has been designed and will be manufactured solely in the UK, precision engineered by Duku’s expert team to achieve the highest quality and reliability.

Reevo EV Charger

A touch-activated side panel initiates the charging procedure and releases the plug to an accessible position before being released to the desired length using the plug-mounted controls.

Reevo  charger releases

Smart charging functionality is provided via a bespoke electronic assembly and includes connectivity with home automation systems such as Alexa and Google Home for remote starting/stopping and scheduling of EV charging sessions.


Made in South West Awards
Duku EV Charger Tested

"This looks like a gamechanger" Sandra B via Twitter

The radical charger has received an overwhelming reaction from a variety of stakeholders, including nominations for both the Made in the Insider Media South West and So Glos innovation awards. Additionally, Reevo has received a tremendous amount of interest from the EV sector, achieving fantastic feedback from a number of accessibility experts, including Helen Dolphin MBE and EV users who have been involved throughout product trials.

Duku EV charger tested by Helen Dolphin MBE


The charger will be launched at the London EV Show taking place at ExCeL London between 29th – 1st of December and is also available to pre-order via the Duku EV website. For further information on the product, follow the link below.


Reevo public charger


Duku EV is also developing a public version of the charger which will include an 8" Touchscreen and contactless payment and leads the way as the first in meeting the latest BSI PAS1899 regulations.

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