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Helen Dolphin MBE Tests Accessible EV Charger!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Helen Dolphin tests EV charger

The Duku team were thrilled to receive a visit from accessibility expert and mobility consultant, Helen Dolphin MBE last week. Helen has been working for many years in the industry, and as well as running her own consultancy, holds a position on the Consumer Panel of the Civil Aviation Authority and is a Member of the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC).

Helen became disabled at twenty-two when she became a quadrable amputee due to meningitis and has since dedicated her life to helping disabled people benefit from the freedom of driving and owning a vehicle. Experiencing the difficulties faced by disabled people when re-fuelling a car first-hand, Helen recognises just how significant this ground-breaking charger is and how it will eliminate the barriers for so many disabled people who wish to own a vehicle, but are limited by being unable to refuel or charge the vehicle effectively themselves.


Helen Dolphin's verdict of the EV charger

After using the charger, Helen was delighted with the product, stating, “The lightness of the cable, in addition to the unit’s ability to extend quickly and easily via the motorised cable management system, makes the charger completely unique to anything else on the market, eradicating the need to pull a heavy cable or fuel hose which for many who have a disability can be the major barrier preventing them from owning a vehicle”.

Helen was impressed with the clear display which gave the user a great visual indicator of how to operate the charger, commenting, “Clear and simple, that’s what I like about it". She also appreciated the crash-resistant base which nullifies the need for any obstructive bollards, making it easier for wheelchair users to access the charger and retract the cable.


After testing, Helen suggested several minor improvements for our next prototype, including reducing the height of the unit to ensure an even broader range of users can effectively use the charger. With this feedback, the team are working hard to develop the next iteration of the charger with the aim of achieving additional funding and investment to take the UACC to large-scale manufacturing.

Watch Helen testing the charger on our socials, or visit our website to find out more.

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