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Video Presentations are an extremely effective way to present your product. Duku create visually striking and informative product presentations that allow you to reach potential customers, investors or licensees.

High quality CAD animations, prototypes and key information about the design are combined with information about its market and manufacturing costs to create a truly effective presentation that can be used to promote your project.

Tubereka CAD Animation.mp4.00_00_45_08.S
Vekto - Vape tool
Dflekt - Protect your keyless cars
Koretek - The all in one fitness device
Pushacar - Case study - 1:30 min (V/O)
Koretek 1x1_5.jpg


Developing new products can be costly. Finance is often required to carry out further product development work or to assist with the purchase of mass production tooling. Crowdfunding is a cost-effective way of financing new product development whilst also boosting awareness of your project.


​Our 3D Video Animations are ideal for crowd-funding campaigns such as Kickstarter. We understand your product, its features and its benefits and are experienced at creating high quality promotional videos to help you demonstrate the potential of your product to its maximum. Many of our clients have successfully funded the latter stages of product development through crowd-funding campaigns


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