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Duku complete work on luxury SMART pushchair, Ebitsu

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Ebistu Pushchair image

Duku's team of expert designers were tasked by client, Ebitsu, to realise their vision of creating an eye-catching premium pushchair that improved convenience for parents and provided optimal safety for their child.


After the initial concept development stage in which the features of the designed were decided, our team set to work prototyping the design using computer-aided-design software and our in-house state-of-art 3D printers.

In order to include all of the complex features of the design in a working prototype, Duku's team of electronics engineers developed bespoke electronic systems to manage the unique forces of the design that would fit in the confined spaces that were available in the chassis of the pushchair, while ensuring the product was a lightweight as possible. The team also worked with cutting-edge automotive suppliers to incorporate carbon fibre and high impact expanded polystyrene to reduce weight and allow styling that reflected the technology and ideas this innovative design contains.

The end result is a luxury smart pushchair boasting multiple user-centric, patented design features created in accordance with industry standards.

Ebistu Pushchair image


Notable patented features of the product include an air filter and temperature gauge which is incorporated into the canopy of the pushchair to allow for control of the child’s environment. This creates a unique protective bubble where pollutants are reduced and temperature can be monitored. Ebitsu also boasts front and rear lights to improve visibility and make walking at night safer for parent and infant.

Additionally, Ebistu includes a motorised basket and canopy adjustment, allowing for quick and silent repositioning that doesn’t disturb a sleeping baby. Audio can even be played into the basket to help soothe and distract from noisy urban environments. Our team worked to combine these features into a smart, luxury product that was built to last and prioritised safety and comfort for the child.

For further details on Ebitsu visit our dedicated case study page, or click get a quote to find out how Duku can bring your idea to life.

Ebistu Pushchair image

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