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Albright IP and Duku get to root of the issue for dental client

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Dental product design

Cheltenham based Intellectual Property Attorney firm, Albright IP and sister product design company Duku have helped Harley Street Dentist Phillip Davies and Hygienist Laraine Wright to solve an everyday issue, with the launch of a new patented product line called Techsurg.

The product, which hit the markets in early 2018, is designed to give dentists and their patients better access to dental accessories, Phillip Davies explains:

The development of the Techsurg product range originally led from finding a smart and hygienic solution to place much needed tissue boxes within easy reach for the customer. We developed a number of design solutions and prototypes before finalising on a multi-use product, which holds a variety of items attached by a universal strap to the dentist chair.”

With a global market worth $7bn leading dentists invest heavily in the latest equipment presenting their customers with a modern, clean and high-tech surgery to attract and retain customers.

Dental product design

While there is a large product range for high tech chairs, instruments, x ray machines and lighting, there was a clear gap in the market for Techsurg, added Laraine Wright: “We knew that there had to be a better solution to using rubber bands to mount tissue boxes, and while it seems a simple problem to have, the adopted solution of rubber bands was undesirable and a poor reflection of the high-tech standards of modern dentistry. With Albright IP and Duku’s help we now have a unique product with multiple applications from tissue boxes to entertainment, delivered in a clean, sleek, more professional way.”

Driven by an ageing population and an increase in cosmetic dentistry the UK dentistry market is very competitive. Last year, consumer spending on dentistry reached around £3.8bn, a growth of 12%. With over 12,000 practices in the UK and a lot of consumer choice, dentist practices not only need to deliver the very best customer experience but ensure that they set themselves apart from the competition.

Alex Lee, Director at Duku commented “Consumers want their dentistry to be delivered in sleek, stylish and hygienic dentist practices. Surgeries need to be practical and enable dentists to offer the best service and customer experience for their clients.

The solution includes a silicon rubber grip designed to fasten around the different diameter poles common to dentist chairs. This was complemented by a patented twist-release bracket to allow easy attachment of different items.

Alex added “Of course, hygiene was a number one priority and our design solution was focused around developing a wipe clean product, using materials that were suitable for washer disinfection.”

Dental product design

Robert Games, Managing Director at Albright IP, responsible for securing the IP commented: “Securing strong IP rights including patents, registered designs and registered trademarks is an incredibly important step when developing a new product. This not only protects it from being copied but instantly builds value in your company which you can leverage for investment.”

“While there are thousands of different straps out there, the Techsurg product has unique protectable features. Not only is it protected in numerous countries across the world, but our client Techsurg will be able to benefit from the Patent Box tax incentive with up to a 50% reduction on corporation tax from sales of the patented product.”

With patent protection, manufacturing and packaging design in place, the product was put into production through Duku’s manufacturing partners. Today the product range is being sold across the leading Dentist equipment suppliers.

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