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SERVICE IN FOCUS - Product Visualisation

Updated: Feb 9

The time-efficient & cost-effective alternative to physical prototyping

Duku discovered that a common obstacle faced by many entrepreneurs and businesses is finding a way to visualise their design ideas accurately and efficiently. Often this may involve physical prototyping which can be expensive and unnecessary, particularly if a client has not yet fully formed their idea or may be unsure of their route to market.

As part of Duku’s Product Visualisation service, their expert design team create professional photorealistic images of a client's idea, formed using state-of-the-art software which replicates real-world light conditions. Visualising a product this way gives credibility to an idea, combining two stages of the product development process; Concept Development and Computer-Aided-Design (CAD). 


  • To obtain IP filings.

  • To estimate your manufacturing costs.

  • To define further development costs.

  • To secure a license deal or generate sales interest.

  • To gain funding or investment.

BRIGHTSPARK - Bicycle Indicator
BRIGHTSPARK - Bicycle Indicator

The Product Visualisation service allows clients to streamline the back-and-forth needed between themselves and designers to alter the product’s design. Renders can be quickly altered to react to any market research findings or investor feedback, speeding up the process to make sure you take advantage of any opportunities to obtain a patent or secure funding ahead of other competition.

“Creating a product from scratch takes you on an amazing journey. Duku are the perfect team to guide you on it. Visualising and articulating exactly what you want can sometimes be quite difficult. However, Duku calmly and professionally converted my passion and ideas into a product that exceeded all expectations. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Thomas Randall - Tubereka Portable Coffee Maker

To find out if Duku's product visualisation service is right for you, get in touch with a member of our design team by phoning +44 (0)1242 697666, or click get a quote.

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