Coffee on the move

Create a portable coffee mug that allows coffee to be brewed on the go using fresh coffee grounds. An emphasis is placed on creating a tactile user experience.


The proposed design contained 3 individual pods that could be filled with coffee grounds and stored within the cup. Coffee grounds are then poured into the cup, and hot water added. A plunger mechanism can then be used to either brew the coffee immediately, or seal the cup so that the coffee can be brewed later.


Extensive CAD development was carried out to refine the design for mass production. Time was spent developing a plunging mechanism that allowed pressurised extraction of coffee from grounds in the base of the cup. In addition, reliable seals needed to be designed that could seal both the plunger and the lid mechanisms from any leakages. 


A series of prototypes were created using a combination of CNC machining and vacuum casting to allow the product to be tested and refined before a promotional video was created for use in a crowdfunding campaign. 

The product was successfully crowdfunded and is now undergoing tooling for manufacture.

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