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Like a defibrillator, but for allergies.


The Duku team were tasked by our client to help design a product that provides emergency treatment for severe allergic reactions in school.

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Forty-one million people in the UK have one or more allergic conditions, and there are an estimated five hundred and fifty million allergy sufferers worldwide. One in five of these allergy sufferers live in constant fear of dying from a severe allergic reaction (‘anaphylaxis’) which can be fatal within ten minutes.

Kitt was created to help target these shocking statistics in the form of a truly ground-breaking medical project. Described as a ‘defibrillator for allergies’, the project won the 2022 Mayor’s Entrepreneur Award for its excellence.

As a severe allergy sufferer himself, Co-founder and CEO, Zak Marks, created the idea to help prevent avoidable deaths caused by allergic reactions in school and approached Duku with the aim of taking the product to the next level.

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The Duku team helped take the product from its initial idea, into concept development, design visualisation, computer-aided design, prototyping and 'real world' testing, before then focusing on branding and manufacturing the product.

The final design allows the Kitt to be wall mounted in accessible locations around a school and locked with a bespoke staff key. Inside are two sets of 300mcg and 150mcg adrenaline auto-injectors, alongside usage instructions that are accessible by popping open the orange latch on the outside. Additionally, the product includes access to management and reporting software that provides accredited training, medication tracking, incident reporting and much more.

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