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Mobility Scooter Docking Station

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Quingo Ltd offer a range of class-leading, innovate mobility scooters. Their latest design offers a unique method of transporting a mobility scooter in the interior of a car using a fold-out ramp and remote-controlled scooter.


Duku assisted by developing the design of the ramp and docking system to improve usability and reduce manufacturing costs.

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A CAD model comprising over 675 parts was created to detail every component in the design. This was used to build the prototype parts and create a full manufacturing specification for production.

Full-size prototypes were created and tested using robust glass-filled nylon 3D prints to simulate what could be achieved with production parts. Thorough testing was completed to simplify the loading and assembly process with careful consideration to the unintended user group, minimising weight and simplifying the process as much as possible.

The final design is now a successful addition to Quingo's growing product range.

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