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Duku Celebrates 10 Years of Product Innovation

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Duku celebrates 10th birthday

Duku celebrates its 10th birthday this year after helping over 500 start-ups, entrepreneurs and large-scale businesses turn their ideas into reality since its creation in 2013.

Andrew Aylesbury - Founding Director

"It has been amazing to see Duku's growth over the last ten years which has allowed us to work on such a large number of exciting projects.

When Alex and I formed the company back in 2013, we aimed to create a design consultancy that followed design ideas from their conception, right through to manufacture. Before we knew it, we had moved to larger premises containing cutting-edge 3D printers and a fully kitted-out workshop, allowing us to create a one-stop shop for businesses looking to bring their idea to life.

I would like to thank all of the clients we have worked with over the last decade, it has been amazing to see their ideas turn into reality, we can't to showcase the next trailblazing innovations we currently have in development."

Alex Lee - Founding Director

"We have always prided ourselves on our three core values of Quality, Efficiency and Clarity, these are what have helped us to stand out from the crowd and have made us so successful within the industry.

Over the years, we have also been lucky in attracting some of the very best designers and engineers from the UK's leading universities who have taken the company from strength to strength. Our employees are a credit to the company and have allowed us to create in-house specialisms in Intellectual Property, Manufacturing, and Electronic Development. This has also allowed us to form Duku EV, a consultancy specialising in EV infrastructure which is now launching our very own range of innovative EV chargers. I'm excited to see our team continue to grow in the future."

Duku design services



"Over the last 10 years, there have been countless challenges for us to overcome, but we have always managed to find a solution to make sure our clients can achieve their goals. We have done this by investing in cutting-edge technology to bring prototyping in-house, speeding up the development process, and allowing our designers access to the latest industry technology. We are also very proud to have formed strong relationships with a broad range of excellent suppliers and partners, to help transition through the development process and successfully reach production."


"The fact that we create our very own projects, in addition to client projects means that we experience the product development process firsthand. Due to this, we have a holistic view of the entire process - we are aware of the latest changes in legislation, materials and production techniques, helping put both ourselves and our clients in the best position to deliver their projects, including securing over £5 million in Innovate UK funding"



"In 10 years' time, Duku will have succeeded in our mission of being the leading product design consultancy in the South West, continuing to create ground-breaking design innovations for both entrepreneurs and large-scale organisations that make a significant difference. I also anticipate that the EV company will have seen a tremendous amount of growth - I believe our accessible EV charger will have helped make a significant difference in the adoption of electric vehicles."


"Duku will have the same ethos and team spirit which has taken us to this point. The camaraderie and positivity of our team are what have helped us to develop strides in product innovation. There is plenty of amazing tech that I'm looking forward to integrating within our design process, such as AI. Another aim for us is to bring even more services in-house to help continue making a one-stop shop for design innovation."

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