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Illuminated tablet marker system


A hand held device that ejects illuminated tablets to mark out a safe route in emergency or military scenarios.

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Linear GI 1x1_8.jpg

Duku were approached with the problem of how to store, activate and eject a specially designed tablet that can be illuminated to mark out a safe path. Initial concept work focused on how to create a simple and ergonomic handheld device that would perform reliably in extreme environments. The proposed concept uses a similar arrangement to a stapler, whereby a sprung section is pushed down to eject the item in question. In addition, the device needed to provide easily replaceable cartridges, each holding 10 tabs.

explode irl.png

A CAD development stage developed the mechanism to eject and activate the tablets. This was a particularly tricky to develop as it required precise interaction between a metallised rubber ejection pad and the top part of the tablet, to ensure the tablet was activated and illuminated, before being ejected from the casing. 


The replaceable cartridge was developed to hold the tabs securely and ensure reliable ejection. A sprung release mechanism was integrated into the dispenser to ensure that the cartridge could be easily ejected at the push of a button. 

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