Pop-up Electric Vehicle charging station

This new idea improves the functionality of conventional solar arrays by housing them within a modular system of casings designed to collect rainwater.


The client approached Duku after originally undertaking some initial development with another consultancy. Having already begun the process of gaining intellectual property protection and producing an initial prototype our job was to further explore the idea, resolve the issues found and present the idea as it would appear in production


Through a redesign of the solar panel casing we were able to produce a design that could be mounted in both a landscape or portrait orientation. We also developed the product to be modular and inter-connectable. Each Harvester module is able to be sealed to the next, creating a large surface area for water collection. In order to remove the risk of the system being blocked by leaves or other material a lid was developed.


The Harvester is designed to be used in a wide variety of environments, from pitched or flat roofs to remote locations and areas off the grid. It is then able to supply both clean water and energy to the user, ready to be utilised for an array of different uses from heating to water for irrigation.

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