Interchangeable Watch

Create a watch with interchangeable components to allow users to personalise their timepiece to their own taste.


Duku proposed an approach using an off-the-shelf watch motion integrated into a bespoke casing design. This would allow Eldon the ability to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum.


Early proof of concept prototypes analysed different methods of providing extension and retraction of the bollard whilst maintaining a compact footprint. Proof of concept electronic systems were developed to power mechanical extension systems. In addition, bespoke EV controllers were created to trial integrated safety features. Extensive 3D CAD design and 3D printing allowed bespoke mouldings to be assessed in combination with fabricated metal parts.


Duku provided CAD files that could be used for product prototyping, and subsequently production. In addtion, Duku provided artwork for 3 styles of watch faces to be integrated into the watch motion. Eldon subsequently launched the product on kickstarter, and the product can now be purchased online at Eldon Watches

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