Pop-up Electric Vehicle charging station

Duku have partnered with Urban Electric Networks Ltd to create an app-operated EV charging point for residential streets that retracts underground when not in use, minimising the impact on the urban environment to leave roads free of street clutter.


Initial concept development work focused on creating a reliable and robust bollard that could extend approximately 800mm above ground level whilst maintaining a minimal installation footprint. Alongside this, extensive electronic development work was begun that focused on integrating the required functionality to provide safe, secure and OCCP compliant EV charging.


Early proof of concept prototypes analysed different methods of providing extension and retraction of the bollard whilst maintaining a compact footprint. Proof of concept electronic systems were developed to power mechanical extension systems. In addition, bespoke EV controllers were created to trial integrated safety features. Extensive 3D CAD design and 3D printing allowed bespoke mouldings to be assessed in combination with fabricated metal parts.


The finalised design utilises a two stage hydraulic cylinder to provide robust linear extension and retraction within a compact footprint. A bespoke power pack and OCPP compliant electronics have been refined to allow live trials to be undertaken in Oxford in conjunction with Oxford City council and Innovate UK.