Medical Training Manikin

Barts Health NHS trust asked DUKU to address a requirement for cost effective, re-usable medical training devices, in this instance, DUKU helped to realise a low cost Central Venous Catheter insertion manikin.


The manikin realistically emulates the full procedure of performing an ultrasound guided Central Venous Catheter insertion. The cost effective manikin allows each student their own manikin to practice on and therefore gives each student a first puncture experience.



Duku developed a simple design that allowed users to create a gelatine mould of a neck. Silicone tubes are gripped in place to mimic the main vein and arteries in the neck. Users then pour a gelatine mixture into the sealed box to mould the neck profile around the suspended artery and vein. 


DUKU carried out a branding and packaging stage to develop the company logo and a simple card packaging sleeve containing usage instructions. Following this, detailed manufacturing quotations were provided before DUKU oversaw the tooling and sampling phases before delivering the final manufactured product.


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